Henrik Zetterberg takes flight for Switzerland as NHLPA fights on (Puck Daddy)

Henrik Zetterberg of the Detroit Red Wings has been one of the most active players on the NHLPA negotiating team (at least in public) and a player that had been treating a European departure as a unfavorable option for the last month.
On Monday, EV Zug in Switzerland announced that Zetterberg had signed for the duration of the lockout. Uh-oh.
From Helene St. James of the Freep:
Zetterberg, who turns 32 on Tuesday, said as late as last week that he wasn’t eager to go anywhere. During the lockout in 2004-05, he played for his old club in Sweden. But that wasn’t an option this time around because he has $50 million left on his contract, requiring heavy insurance.
He said he’d only consider a place in Europe where neither the insurance nor the taxes would be devastating. He found the answer with Zug, home to Red Wings signee Damien Brunner and Montreal Canadiens defenseman Raphael Diaz.
Well, at the very least, Season 2 of Fake Henrik Zetterberg will to increase its travel budget.
JJ from Winging It looks at the bright side:
It’s hard to argue with this. Zetterberg has been very active for the NHLPA’s player negotiating committee. The fact that he’s planning to head overseas now doesn’t bode well for negotiations. The bright side is that he’ll get time to get acquainted with new Red Wings signing Damien Brunner. It will be interesting to see the dynamic of the two, as both are known for a propensity to shoot the puck.
Zetterberg’s decision is a little discomforting.

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Source: Yahoo! Canada Sports – NHL – Montreal Canadiens News – http://ca.sports.yahoo.com/nhl/teams/mon/rss.xml

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