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Montreal Canadiens Dynasty Banner

There are those that believe that the H in the center of the logo on the Montreal Canadiens jersey stands for Habs. Rumour has it that the term “Habs” comes from a time when there were two hockey teams in hockey town Montreal. There was the team of the english people, as Montreal was where the English settled and controlled french Canada. The team of the french people – les habitants – the habs was made up of the rural young men who grew up playing ice hockey on the ponds ands streets of the farming settlements that surrounded Montreal. The rivalry between the two teams was legendary. Eventually the teams were combined as early Canada grew and prospered, and hockey grew with Canada. Still the heritage of the early french settlers runs deep through this glorious organization.

Still others think that the H in the team logo, stands for Hockey. The real beauty of the Habs logo is the C-H-C pattern. Club de Hockey Canadien. read more… Go Habs Go!

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